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SEO and PPC Collaborate For Search Marketing

How Does One Effect The Other in Online Advertising?

Often times, SEO and PPC are handled by completely separate departments. They run parallel to each other and in some case, they may even compete. Despite this, Google research has found that PPC and SEO campaigns work well together.

Several studies have shown that SEO impacts the number of clicks PPC ads might receive. Google found that when sites see strong organic search results, they may have increased click-through rates for the PPC ads on the same SERP. Other research has found that this can work in reverse as well, with paid search campaigns boosting results for occurring organic campaigns.

How Can I Use SEO & PPC campaigns Together in My Search Marketing Strategy?

Businesses can create a valuable connection between their organic search and PPC teams by bringing the departments together and tasking them with a common goal. For example, here are some great ideas for creating a campaign designed to increase exposure for some of your lower ranking organic keywords.

1. Have your SEO and PPC teams come together and begin setting goals for this collaborative effort.

2. Focus your efforts on a campaign with high search volume but a page ranking between 4 and 10 with PPC keywords that typically perform well. This is simple for BrightEdge users. Simply go to the “Reports” tab on your BrightEdge platform and filter your campaigns’ keywords — filter for keywords “Ranked on Page 1” for PPC campaigns and “ranked on Page 4 to 10” for organic campaigns.

3. Create a campaign that promotes exposure for your SEO and PPC keywords. BrightEdge users can utilize their dashboard to monitor traffic from organic keywords and the success of their paid search campaign with a small amount of exposure.

4. Continue to monitor your own campaign as well as the progress of your competitors’ campaigns. Not only can this help you find new potential keywords, it may help you learn to identify holes within your own campaign

The fact that SEO and paid search campaigns can be used together so effectively is an ode to the importance of teamwork. In today’s world, collaboration is often the key to a successful marketing department. Therefore, you should begin developing a connection between your SEO and PPC teams and you’re sure to see encouraging results.

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