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7 Benefits of Selling with Shopify

Once you have decided to offer your products for sale online, you think the big decisions are done. Really, choosing an eCommerce provider could make all the difference in your sales, ease of use and more. Platforms will all tout very similar offerings. Picking the right CMS can feel daunting. Here are 7 benefits of selling with Shopify.

Shopify is a good webstore option for eCommerce sales of products or services, while offering minimal configuration. For those selling single or multiple products with color, size or other options, Shopify could be your answer. With the help of a developer like Studio Fox Design, you can completely customize the look and feel of the store. Beyond this, there are other considerations for Shopify. 

7 Reasons to Sell with Shopify

  1. Quick, Easy Set-Up 

Getting your business started quickly, with minimal website knowledge is where you will notice Shopify stands out from the pack. You do not need any technical skills or software to start using the platform. The back end user interface is fairly user-friendly and intuitive allowing most eCommerce managers to get started very quickly.

  1. Customer Service

Shopify offers user support to users 24/7. They are friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have about running your store. There is also a complete library of documents and a community forum to help users through the set up and management process.  

  1. Mobile Friendly 

Creating a Shopify store is necessary with the amount of shoppers choosing to shop via mobile phone. Shopify was made with mobile responsiveness in mind, giving you a great looking eCommerce store in one easy step. On your end, you can easily update the online store from your iOS or Android phone.

  1. Incredible Marketing and SEO Tools

An online store is really not helpful to you if users can’t find your website or products. Shopify has a number of marketing tools that can help your efforts through social media, email marketing and review platforms. Built in tools allow you to offer discounts or coupons for particular usage. For those looking to amplify their reach through paid ads, branded landing pages can be created to increase conversions and sales.

  1. Security & Reliability 

When dealing with customer credit cards and identifying information, you have a responsibility to protect them. Shopify offers SSL certification and PCI to encrypt all sensitive information. Ensure all confidential information is kept as such. Integrated payment services, reliable gateways and support of the Stripe payment option are all available through the installation of Shopify.

  1. Flexibility 

While Shopify offers many options to get your eCommerce site functional for sales, there are quite a few built-in tools that can make your site feel more appropriate for your business. Easily toggle sale products, coupons and custom shipping options.

  1. Reporting

 Simple reporting tools offer you all of the numbers and figures you need to make smart decisions for your business. Export sales, costs and fulfilment information to present to your stakeholders or decision makers. The simple report interface offers an easy and quick way to get the information you need to move forward. 

Start Selling with Shopify

The team at Studio Fox Design is happy to assist you with your decision to incorporate eCommerce solutions into your web sales model. We are adept at working within the Shopify platform and creating customized websites with the full functionality that they offer. Contact us today to get started with your website.

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