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Sound Design

Results through sonic wizardry


Sonic Branding

We focus on forward-looking solutions for emerging technologies and new media platforms.

Sound Design

Through music and sound, we elevate the art and effectiveness of brand media and experience. We take pride in the details in order to craft the best work.

We champion music

Using audio, we inspire listeners on both sides of media projects to live new experiences and discover their creative potential.

Story-focused sound for all things visual.

The potential of sound is often not fully utilized to support brands, and we want to change that. After all, the right audio brand helps to build the necessary associations within the consumers’ minds and strengthens their connection with the product or company. It will become what makes a person instantly recognize your brand, even if he or she has not yet seen it.

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Top rated agency for small business

We are an award winning, top rated agency with all 5/5 star reviews.


We are thrilled with our new website. It’s clean, modern-looking, and much more user friendly! The support we received as we moved through the phases of the website redesign was unparalleled, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Kate Hopfer

Joe Fly Company

Their insight has proven to be valuable as we have had several developers but none have helped to improve our site performance and overall user experience. I would recommend Studio Fox Design to anyone that is serious about their digital business and wants to take things to the next level.

Reggie Hudson

Sway's Universe

The new website is clean, modern, and easily updatable, which led to an increase in sales and customers. They were very good with communication and attentive to my questions and to my needs. Quick, thorough, professional! Would not work with anyone else going forward!

April Cordell

Fleece Boutique

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