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We make websites go faster


Deliver the ultimate user experience

We believe that the web should be fast for everyone. Users love (and expect) fast experiences online, giving them access to information quickly and responding to their interactions without delay.

Nobody Likes A Slow Website

We don’t do average. Fast load times are essential for a good user experience, play a valuable part in SEO, and increase conversion rates. See for yourself, check out our performance score below.

Our Page Speed Score

SEO & Performance

What’s more, good performance helps you to rank better on Google, makes your optimized website more accessible to people on slow, unreliable connections, and makes websites more sustainable.

We don’t do average

We take a holistic approach to web performance optimization, looking at everything from user journeys and interface design, to file formats, compression, code and quality, 3rd party scripts, slow queries, and hosting environments.

Every website that we build follows our ‘efficient by design process’ to lock in good performance from the outset, and our framework for WordPress development is designed from the ground up for maximum speed and efficiency.

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Top rated agency for small business

We are an award winning, top rated agency with all 5/5 star reviews.


We are thrilled with our new website. It’s clean, modern-looking, and much more user friendly! The support we received as we moved through the phases of the website redesign was unparalleled, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Kate Hopfer

Joe Fly Company

Their insight has proven to be valuable as we have had several developers but none have helped to improve our site performance and overall user experience. I would recommend Studio Fox Design to anyone that is serious about their digital business and wants to take things to the next level.

Reggie Hudson

Sway's Universe

The new website is clean, modern, and easily updatable, which led to an increase in sales and customers. They were very good with communication and attentive to my questions and to my needs. Quick, thorough, professional! Would not work with anyone else going forward!

April Cordell

Fleece Boutique

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