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10 Reasons Why WordPress is an Excellent Choice for Powering Your Website

Evolving from a popular blogging platform, WordPress has become one of the premier content management software options in the business. It offers seemingly endless options and avenues for creating a unique website, and such versatility makes it an ideal tool for nearly any business. So without further ado, here are the Top 10 benefits of a WordPress website.

1. Easy to Use

With an exceptionally user-friendly interface, WordPress makes adding content (images, new pages, etc.) seamless. Thanks to this unmatched intuitiveness, business owners can reduce time spent updating and formatting their website significantly.

2. Accessibility

Since WordPress is a browser-based platform, users have the option to login in and tinker with their website from any computer. This can prove especially useful for small business owners who haven’t established a primary workspace yet, or for those with the option to work from home.

3. No need for FTP or HTML Editing Software

As a self-contained system, WordPress allows users to build and edit websites without employing FTP and HTML software. It offers plenty of in-house capability, so business owners can upload documents, videos and images, create new pages and format text all without the help of products like Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute.

4. Works Especially Well with Search Engines

Search engines can easily read and index the content of a WordPress-backed site thanks to the platform’s simple coding. WordPress also offers an array of helpful tools for increased search engine optimization. For instance, users can add a title, description and meta tag keywords to each post, image and page.

5. Control Belongs to You

When using WordPress, users never have to work around a web designer’s schedule. The popular website builder allows business owners to control nearly everything on their site, including any changes or updates.

6. Website Designs Are Totally Customizable

Users have the ability to customize just about every, allowing for an entirely unique online experience. This versatility allows business owners to establish their brand according to their exact vision.

7. Built-in Blogging Capability

WordPress was created primarily as a blogging platform, so naturally, the ability to blog is extremely easy. From setting up email subscriptions and commenting capability for a new blog, to adding recent blog content to a new web page, everything one needs is already set up and ready to go. With these in-house tools, it makes it easy for companies to create a totally unique and interactive website experience.

8. Plenty of Plugins

WordPress offers an extensive list of plugin options, allowing users to easily extend the functionality of their site. From adding a video gallery or calendar to a Twitter Feed or Facebook Fan Box, it’s all possible with plugins. Plus, most of them are reasonably priced if not free.

9. No Limit to Growth

As a business grows, users can grow their WordPress site along with it. Each site is very scalable, with the ability to incorporate hundreds of thousands of blog posts or pages without compromising usability. With seamless growth like this gives users one less thing to worry about when their business takes off.

10. Ability to Share Control

Business owners can grant access to their WordPress website to multiple users. In fact, as an administrator, they can even assign varying levels of access and capability to each user depending on their role in the business.

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